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News 2017: (US) Columbia Journalism Review Article: "Curtains fall on arts critics at newspapers" (by Jed Gottlieb, 06 Jan 2017)

Contributed by admin on Jan 12, 2017

"“Boston is a music city, look at how many music schools are here and at the number of people purchasing concert tickets,” says Steve Morse, a Globe staff critic from the 1970s through the 2000s. “There should be much more coverage.” ...

Boston is home to the New England Conservatory and Berklee College of Music, which honed the chops of Quincy Jones, Melissa Etheridge, and John Mayer. Through the great recession, the area’s live music market continued to beat expectations, and last summer Fenway Park and Gillette Stadium set concert attendance and box office records. If Boston can’t support pop critics, how can other cities? The short answer: They can’t." ...

Visit the Columbia Journalism Review website to read the full article. A growing and worrisome trend in the arts and journalism.