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News 2017: (US) Atlas Obscura Article: "How a 17th-Century Naval Engineer Revolutionized Set Design" (by Cara Giaimo, 05 Sep 2017)

Contributed by admin on Sep 09, 2017

"In 1660, the stage designer Gaspare Vigarani came into an unexpected windfall. The Louvre was expanding, and the Grande Salle du Petit-Bourbon—a massive theater that had housed operas, plays, and ballets for nearly a century—was being destroyed to make room. Vigarani was told to grab everything he could from backstage and move it to his own theater, the Salles de Machines, which was then under construction. ...

Vigarani could have jumpstarted his new venture with a warehouse’s worth of set dressings, stage machinery, dropcloths, and everything else a young theater could ask for. Instead, he burned all of it to cinders—“ay, to the very least,” as the actor and theatrical historian La Grange wrote afterwards.

Why did he do this? " ...

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