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News 2017: (BE) Compact Disc Reviews: "Flanders Recorder Quartet (FRQ) - "The End of a Beautiful Chapter" (by Tom Bickley)

Contributed by admin on Jan 13, 2017

"An Interview by Tom Bickley, Compact Disc Reviews Editor, with members of the Flanders Recorder Quartet for their approaching 30th Anniversary and Final Tour

Since being founded in 1987, the Flanders Recorder Quartet (FRQ) has evolved into one of the world ’s top ensembles.Their success in 1990 at the prestigious Musica Antiqua competition in Bruges (Belgium), organized by the Flanders Festival, was the start of an extensive concert career. ...

In 2017, FRQ will celebrate its 30th anniversary of music-making. On this occasion, after over 2500 concerts in 52 countries, plus workshops and master classes all over the world, FRQ members have decided to bring the ensemble to a close. The reasons are positive: doing so allows the individual members to become involved in new projects—in writing articles and books, doing more research, conducting and arranging.

Before taking the f inal curtain call and drawing a double bar at the end of the FRQ, the group will embark on a farewell tour lasting through 2018." ...

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